About Me

At least once I’ve come back from a shoot covered in sheep poo… More often I’ve had wellies filled with salt water, sand, peat bog and else besides. All to get the best shot at the best angle!

Yep. That’s me!

I love helping people. I love photographing people. Specifically, helping and photographing people like you to get their dream destination wedding. Cheesy? Yep! But absolutely true!

It’s so important you’ve got someone on the island who can guide you to the perfect locations, whatever the time of year, whatever the weather! I hope to be photographing you too!

A few words from the Mrs!

Ben sees the moments that most people miss and the angles that seem quite bizarre but produce the most amazing photographs.

He is just a lovely man (yeah, I know I’m biased!) and wonderful dad to Brody – the bagpiping-highland dancing manic – and Finn – “Dinosaur… Grrr!” repeat.

Nothing is too much trouble for him and he always goes above and beyond in all he does. If you’re not happy, he’s not happy.

Moving to Islay was the best thing that we ever did, it’s given Ben the opportunity to do what he’s best at, taking pictures that make people happy.

Couldn’t have said it better myself! Hopefully that gives you a little about who I am, and why I should be the one to take pictures for you!