Islay Photography Tuition

What I can offer you

There's two elements to photography tuition: firstly, being in an amazing and inspirational location; secondly learning something new and exciting to advance your own photography.
there's always somewhere special to be on an island like Islay, where depends on the light and the weather, but there's always something magical - that's why you need a local guide to help you find that place and time for you. Whether it's landscapes, wildlife, long exposures or night-photography, I know the places to get you some stunning images whilst working on your skill-set.

How I can help you

The tuition: as a former teacher with a Masters in Education; over 10 years at a photographic retailer, plus 5 years as professional photographer, I'm in the perfect place to be able to guide you in the next stage of your photography.
Skill levels:
Whether you've never set foot outside of Auto, are struggling to get sharp shots or just don't know how to use your camera, I can advise you on the next best steps for YOU.

Individuals, couples and group sessions.

Planning the session: whatever the size of group, I can plan a session for you and those present based on your skills and what you would like to improve upon. No session is the same as it's based on your equipment and prior knowledge.
Pricing for a two hour session is £250 for up to two people. That includes all the planning, educational material and also editing of up to 15 shots afterwards. If you have a larger group, would like more time, or are planning something else, then just get in touch.

Photo Tuition 1: Paul and Amy

Islay Photography Tuition
Paul and Amy booked a two hour tuition session this autumn on Islay. First we took in the views around Dunyvaig and Lagavulin, then headed to Carraig Fhada Lighthouse. We covered composition, basic camera skills and also ventured into long exposures (above). It was a fantastic session which delivered some amazing images.
Islay Photography TuitionIslay Photography TuitionIslay Photography Tuition

Photo Tuition 2: Jenna and friends

Islay Photography Tuition Groups
Jenna and the group of 12 arranged a landscape and wildlife tuition session with myself and David Dinsley (amazing Islay wildlife photographer). To start the afternoon we each gave short presentations, then headed out to Gruinart and Saligo Bay to practise. After that, we returned to their farmhouse to work on some editing techniques. With a range of skills, from mobile only photographers to DSLR users, we made sure that we gave everyone in the group advice that was relevant to them, resulting in a great, fun session for everyone!
To view David's work on Instagram, click here: @naturenortheast - David Dinsley
Islay Photo Tuition GroupsIslay Photo Tuition Groups
Start your journey to better Islay photos.
Get in touch to start planning your Islay photographic experience.
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